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SPID Instruments

BioSOft Indenter

Bruker Hysitron BioSoft Indenter

  • BioSoft Indenter system specifically designed for multiscale quantitative mechanical testing of biological materials and soft matter such as hydrogels. The BioSoft synchronizes powerful mechanical and optical characterization techniques to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics of biomaterials. This portable system integrates to existing inverted optical microscopes to bring biomechanical testing capabilities into your laboratory.


Bruker High Performance Bioscope Resolve Life Sciences Imaging System

  • The Resolve allows researchers in biosciences to visualize and measure native biological structures at extremely high resolution.


Bruker Dimension FastScan AFM

  • The Dimension FastScan® Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) delivers extreme imaging speed with atomic resolution and Atomic PeakForce Capture™


Bruker Dimension ICON PT System


HORIBA LabRAM HR Evolution Confocal RAMAN

  • Fully automated Multi-laser Raman System with DuoScan Technologies


Hysitron 950 Triboindenter

  • TI 950 TriboIndenter® with the performech™ control unit