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Hysitron Triboindenter

Instruments Hysitron Triboindenter Page

Main Application

  • The system provides high resolution nanomechanics of hard and soft materials at the nanoscale that is not accessible from macroscale testing. Suitable for in-vitro testing of viscoelastic biomaterials with automated and feedback load and displacement control

Performance and Ease-of-Use

  • The upgrade with Hysitron new performechTM system will allow operating the Hysitron Triboindenter with unparalleled performance and accuracy at length scales that never have been achieved before. The fully automated and user friendly performechTM offers a < 30 nN normal floor noise and the ability to capture data at acquisition rates up to 30 kHz. Lateral (scratch) force and displacement measurement sensitivity will be significantly enhanced with low noise floors of < 2 µN and < 3.5 nm respectively.

  • The high speed digital feedback during indentation will allow superior control of both indenter-specimen contact forces and indenter displacements. Dedicated digital signal processor and field-programmable gate array (FPGA) will provide high speed data acquisition and offers both load and displacement feedback control modes for precise control during nanoindentation. Force and displacement feedback control indentation tests are much more superior methods to analyze creep and stress relaxation of nanomaterials.  Some of the main features and specifications are as follows:

  • Hardware and Software:  (1) enables seamless operation of two testing heads (high and low load together), (2) increased throughput with approach speed 5 x times faster than previous software version (7.0), (3) ultra-sensitive pre-contact force measurements,  (3) enhanced real-time data plotting during indent and scratch tests and a very user friendly operation. The Triboanalysis feature of this software will offer powerful curve-fitting routines for analysis of complex data and models.

Most Important Features

  • Integrated Heating (200 ºC) and cooling (-10 ºC) stage for variable temperature operation.

  • Advanced capabilites such as quasi static  indentation and modulus mapping

  • Dynamic modulus analyzer (nano DMA) module for loss and storage modulii extraction as well as scratch testing

  • Integrated biological indentation capabilities and feedback based load and displacement controls

  • Enables seamless operation of two testing heads (high and low load together)

  • Enhanced real-time data plotting during indent and scratch tests

  • Triboanalysis software features powerful curve-fitting routines for analysis of complex data

  • Ultra-low contact force imaging, ideally suited for soft systems

  • Noise floor < 30 nN and resolution < 1nN

  • Normal displacement resolution < 0.2 nm

  • Scanning wear features and feedback control scratch testing

  • Hysitron Triboindentor User Manual

Watch a video tutorial about the instrument!