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Peak Force Microscope: Quantitative Nanomechanical Mapping

Instruments Peak Force Microscope

Quantitative Nanomechanical Property Mapping

  • High-Resolution Mapping of Modulus and Adhesion

  • Direct Force Control Keeps Indentations Small for Higher Resolution and Non-Destructive Imaging

  • Widest Operating Range for Samples from Soft Gels (~1 MPa) to Rigid Polymers (>20 GPa)


  • Easily Visualize and Quantify Materials in

  • Multi-Component Polymer Blends

  • Unambiguously Distinguish Adhesion Variations from Modulus Variations

  • Explore Nanomechanical Properties of Biological Samples

  • PeakForce QNM can also be used to investigate the role of mechanical properties in biological structures and processes. It may even be used in liquids, opening the possibility of mapping not only modulus but also binding and recognition events.

Most Important Features

  • It maps and distinguishes between nanomechanical properties, including modulus and adhesion, while simultaneously imaging sample topography at high resolution. PeakForce QNM operates over an extremely wide range, approximately 1 MPa to 50 GPa for modulus and 10 pN to 10 μN for adhesion, enabling characterization of a large variety of sample types.

Discover More with Peakforce QNM

  • Obtain maps of sample modulus and adhesion simultaneously along with high-resolution topography images

  • Exclusive Peak Force Tapping technology precisely controls imaging force, keeping indentations small to deliver non-destructive, high-resolution imaging

  • Material properties can be characterized over a very wide range to address

  • Operate in air and liquids

Watch a video tutorial about the instrument!