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Bruker Dimension FastScan AFM

Bruker Dimension FastScan AFM

The Dimension FastScan® Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) delivers extreme imaging speed with atomic resolution and Atomic PeakForce Capture™. FastScan achieves atomic force microscopy imaging without compromising highest resolution, application flexibility, or productivity. The system delivers atomic resolution imaging while simultaneously providing real-time maps of properties derived from the individual force interactions. Whether you scan at >125Hz when surveying a sample to find the region of interest, or at time rates of 1-second per image frame in air or fluids, the Dimension FastScan redefines the AFM experience. It is equipped with:

  1. High bandwidth enables exceptional force control and high scan rates with closed-loop accuracy to surpass efficiency of any other commercial AFM system

  2. 20Hz TappingMode scan rates provide excellent quality images, matching that typically seen at 1Hz and maintaining good quality even at scan rates >100Hz

  3. Higher speed ScanAsyst delivers superb quality images at 6Hz and a surveying capability up to a 32Hz scan rate

  4. Z-axis tip velocity of 12mm/second in contact mode and velocities of 2.5mm/second in closed-loop while retaining <1% X-Y tracking error make the FastScan the world’s most practical fast scanning AFM

  5. Automated laser and detector alignment enable quick and optimized setup

  6. The system provides the sample navigation tool MIRO with optical resolution to quickly identify and capture nanometer features in minutes

  7. The FastScan system delivers uncompromised scan speed, performance, robustness, and flexibility to perform nearly every measurement at scales previously obtained only by extensively customized systems. Utilizing an open-access platform, large- or multiple-sample holders, and numerous ease-of-use features, FastScan opens up the power of AFM to research and industry alike, setting a new standard for high-quality AFM imaging, mechanical, electrical and electro-chemical properties.

Fastscan has Complete Suite of Standard and Advanced AFM Modes

Material Mapping

FastScan supports Bruker’s patent-pending PeakForce QNM™ Imaging Mode with the Icon Scanner, and nano-mechanical mapping with the FastScanner. With this technology, researchers can now map and distinguish quanitatively or relatively at high scan rates between nanomechanical properties while simultaneously imaging sample topography at high resolution.

Electrical Characterization

Carry out electrical characterization at the nanoscale with Bruker-proprietary AFM modes for greater sensitivity, resolution, and dynamic range. PeakForce TUNA™ and PeakForce SSRM provide unique electrical characterization capability while simultaneously providing correlated mechanical property information on the same sample location.


Perform manipulation and lithography at the nanometer and molecular scales. The XYZ closed-loop Icon scanner provides precise probe positioning with no piezo creep and extremely low-noise for the best positioning of any available nanomanipulation system.

Heating and Cooling

Execute temperature control and thermal analysis on samples from -35°C to 250°C while scanning in various AFM modes. Alternately, perform sub-100nm-node heating with the scanning probe up to 500°C.


Figure above shows a set of high-quality images ranging from high-resolution topography images of a 20μm area to subsections 10 times smaller than the original scan. The results from one 8 minute scan are16 megapixels of data in multiple channels, where high-resolution data is observed with clarity.

Watch a video tutorial about the instrument!