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Bruker High Performance Bioscope Resolve Life Science Imaging System

bruker bioscope


Key Applications

  • Enables users to increase the power of their research by complementing Contrast Enhancing techniques and Flourescence microscopy techniques
  • Visualizes and measures native biological structures (no staining and/or coating required)
  • Can be used as an ultrasensitive force sensor capable of detecting single ligand-receptor unbinding events

Key Features

  • Closed-loop, "sample scanning" design wherein the AFM probe moves in the Z axis and the sample is scanned in the X & Y axis
  • Temperature control up to 40 degrees Celsius while imaging and up to 60 degrees Celsius for sample processing
  • Compatible with microscope slides, cover slips, plastic petri dishes (60 and 35 mm), and glass bottom petri dishes (50 mm)

Published Examples of AFM's Utility in the Biosciences

  • DNA, protein, and chromatin structures
  • Enzyme/substrate interactions
  • Protein/Protein, protein/DNA interactions
  • Adsorption properties of cells and molecules to biological or other surfaces
  • Macromolecular assemblies
  • Cell surface antigens
  • Cellular and molecular interactions
  • Antigen/antibody complexes
  • Cell morphology and motility

Watch a video tutorial about the instrument!