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SNS Audience

Audience members listen intently during the "Seeing at the NanoScale with NUANCE" conference,
which took place on April 17 & 18, 2013.  SPID was a co-sponsor and leading organizer of this event.

Education and Outreach

SPID actively participates in and conducts several laboratory modules of graduate and undergradate courses, including Freshmen offerings across McCormick and Weinberg schools. Strong educational outreach with high school students and RET’s. SPID is well-known for the development of an outstanding, welltrained and highly-informed graduate, undergraduate and postdoctoral workforce in nanotechnology.

SPID actively participates in collaborative and individual research programs within the Northwestern community, as well as, with domestic and international partners. SPID strives to develop new metrology innovations with large corporations. SPID maintains an active role in advancing Northwestern University’s intellectual and societal missions through events such as open houses, demonstrations to local schools, museums and the greater Chicagoland science community.

To schedule a tour for your group, please contact the NUANCE outreach coordinator at (847) 467-3144.