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Surface Science Links

American Chemical Society

Raman Tutorial and FAQs - HORIBA

Annual Workshop on SIMS

Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Tutorial Introduction - J.A. Woollam Co.

AVS - Science and Technology of Materials, Interfaces, and Processing

Surface Science Network

Online Surface Science Tutorials and Lecture Courses

On-line Literature Searching

Northwestern Library--article request

Science Direct

Northwestern Library--on line request

Web of Knowledge

On-line Journals for NU users

Acta Materialia


Advanced Materials


Analytical Chemistry

Physical Review Letters

Applied Physics Letters

Physical Review B

Applied Surface Science

Progress in Surface Science

Chemistry of Materials


Journal of the American Chemical Society

Scripta Materialia

Journal of Applied Physics

Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical

Journal of Materials Research

SPI Supplies

Journal of Physical Chemistry B

Surface and Interface Analysis

Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A

Surface Science

Materials Science & Engineering A

Surface Science Reports

Nano Letters

Thin Solid Films


Allied Electronics

MDC Vacuum-vacuum parts

Applied Nanostructure

Nanoink Inc.

Autoprobe CP Microscope

Nanonics Imaging Ltd.

Bruker Incorporation

Omega-Flexible heater

Buehler, Ltd.


Daigger-lab equipment & supplies

Pelco International

E.A. Fischione Instruments

Pfeiffer-vacuum parts

Electron Microscopy Sciences

Physics Electronics-SIMS, XPS, AES

Ernest F. Fullam, Inc.

Princeton Gamma-Tech, Inc. (PGT)


South Bay Technology, Inc.

Fischer Scientific-lab equipment & supplies

Spectra Physics

Gatan, Inc.

SPI Supplies

Goodfellow-metals and alloys

Swagelok-fluid system components

Hitachi Electron Microscopes

Ted Pella, Inc.


Thermo Scientific

JEOL Incorporation

Tip Buying

Kurt J Lesker-vacuum parts

Analytical Centers and Research Facilities at NU Campus

Albany Nanotech

LeRoy Eyring Center for Solid State Science

Cornell Nanofabrication Facility

Magnetic and Physical Properties Measurement Facility (Electronics Shop)

Cryogenics Facility (Liquid Helium & Nitrogen)

Material Research Society

IMSERC (formerly Analytical Service Laboratory)

Microscopy Society of America

Instrument Shop


Institute of Bionanotechnology In Medicine

Nanoscale Science & Engineering Center (NSEC)

Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers

Nanyang Technological University

Institute for Microbial Technology

National Center for Electron Microscopy at LBNL

Institute for Nanotechnology

NU Research Centers & Facilities

Institute of Personalized Respiratory Medicine

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Keck Biophysics Facility

Phantoms, The Nanoelectronics Network

Surface Science Links


On-line Surface Science Database

AES Tutorials

Prof. John Vickerman-University of Manchester

American Physical Society

Prof. Sven Tougaard-University of Southern Denmark

American Vacuum Society

Surface Science Western

Barbara J. Garrison Group at PSU

Surface Science Links-U of London

Materials Research Society

Surface Spectra Library

National ESCA and Surface Analysis Center for Biomedical Problems-University of Washington

University of Illinois-Urbana Champagne

Nicolas Winograd Group at PSU (SIMS)

UK ESCA User Group

On-line SIMS Tutorials

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