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2020 NUANCE Image Contest

2020 Image Contest Winners Are Here!

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The NUANCE Center acts as a scientist’s laboratory and an artist’s studio. Innovative research produces images that communicate scientific discoveries as well as compelling designs. At NUANCE we understand that nanoscale research often yields awe-inspiring images that grant access into a potentially unfamiliar sub-microscopic world. We want to extend a glimpse of our student and staff researchers’ perspectives on this world to those connected, directly or indirectly, to nanotechnology fields through NUANCE’s annual scientific image contest. The NUANCE "Art of Science” image contest commemorates and unveils the talented persons behind the instrument and the aesthetics emerging beyond the science.


Screenshot of Songting Cai, accepting her reward via Zoom as the winner for Overall 2nd place.


Overall Division - 1st Place:  "Decellularized Mouse Spinal Cord Tissue"

Image by Zaida Alvarez & Alexandra Kolberg-Edelbrock, Stupp Laboratory, SQI; Hitachi SU8030

1st Place


Overall Division - 2nd Place:
  "The Honey Stars"

Image by Songting Cai, Kanatzidis & Dravid Group; JEOL Arm 300

2nd Place

Overall Division - 3rd Place: "Fireworks"

Image by Chi Zhang, Dravid & KRP Group; Hitachi S-3400

3rd Place

Facebook - 1st Place: "Little Rock Candy Mountains"

Image by Tirzah Abbott, NUANCE Center; JEOL 7900F


Facebook - 2nd Place: "The Crystal Heart"

Image by Timur Islamoglu, Farha Group; Hitachi SU8030


Facebook - 3rd Place (Tie!): "Aluminum Dendrites"

Image by Amir R. Farkoosh, Dunand & Seidman Group; FEI Quanta 650


Facebook - 3rd Place (Tie!): "Northwestern Purple Fireworks"

Image by Yea-Shine Lee, Dravid Group; Hitachi S-4800


VPD Director's Pick: "A Micro Planet"

Image by Xuhao Zhou, Gianneschi Group; Hitachi SU8030


Staff Pick: "Optical Eyes"

Image by Bowei Zhang, Odom Research Group; Horiba Labram Confocal Raman


Honorable Mention: "Aftermath"

Image by Dawn Duan, Hupp Group; JEOL 7900FLV


Honorable Mention: "Seastar"

Image by Furui Zhang, Nguyen Group; Hitachi SU8030


Honorable Mention: "Nightmare"

Image by Carolin Wahl, Dravid & Mirkin Group; Hitachi SU8030


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