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NU Receives $10.35 million grant from DOE!

What could be more important in this day and age then working to elevate the potentially devastating effects of climate change? Luckily, the newly funded Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC) has been established with that very goal in mind, and NUANCE Director Vinayak Dravid is part of the research team dedicated to establishing more sustainable energy solutions!

As shared in the Northwestern Now article from August 25, 2022: The Hydrogen in Energy and Information Sciences (HEISs) EFRC is one of 43 EFRC awards announced today (Aug. 25) that bring together teams of scientists to perform basic research in the energy sciences with a scope and complexity beyond what is possible for individuals or small groups. The Northwestern-led research team will work to provide a scientific foundation for practical developments in carbon-neutral energy (including nitrogen and carbon dioxide reduction) and materials for brain-inspired computing.

Additionally, Professor Sossina M. Haile material scientist and principle investigator of the new center (and SHyNE Internal Steering Committee member!) shares, “Our center focuses on the science of hydrogen in materials, as a foundational step towards creating a sustainable energy solution,” she said. “Beyond that, we will exploit the unique influence of hydrogen on material properties to create new ways of computing for information sciences. We have put together a spectacular team of both experimentalists and computationalists, and I am absolutely thrilled to lead this effort.”

Congratulations Team! We are so excited to hear all about the discoveries the EFRC will bring to the table in the future! 

 Hydrogen particle