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In early August, NUANCE technical staff members Tirzah Abbott, Paul Smeets, Xiaobing Hu, Kunmo Koo, and Roberto dos Reis, with NUANCE Center Director Professor Vinayak P. Dravid, attended the 2022 Microscopy and Microanalysis Conference in Portland, Oregon. This was the first in-person meeting since August 2019!

The M&M Conference is an annual conference that hosts microscopy and microanalysis professionals, academics, technicians, students and exhibitors from across the country to discuss topics and current events in the field of microscopy. Tirzah Abbott, NUANCE SEM Lab Manager with NUANCE's Epic Facility shared some of the highlights of her experience: 

"M&M was awesome, and we got to catch up with a lot of friends from various microscope vendors and researchers. I think for me the most exciting thing was the very first MSA DEI Committee social event. I am the communications chair for the newly formed committee and the chair of the committee is Treva Brown from the US Navel Research Laboratory in Louisiana. Treva was also a panelist at last year’s WiM [Women in Microscopy] conference in the DEI panel! There were also the women in microscopy breakfast held by Thermo Fisher. The guest speaker was Karren L More from Oak Ridge National Lab. It was cool."

Also cool: VPD Group doctoral student Stephanie Ribet presented her research on environmental remediation, and Jack Hegarty, also from VPD group, won 2nd place in the poster contest!

The M&M conference is always a great opportunity to connect with other academics, researchers, and vendors, while learning more about the exciting developments and advances colleagues at other institutions of research are making! We are already looking forward to the 2023 M&M Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Tech staff group shot with VPD
NUANCE Tech Staff with NUANCE Director Vinayak P Dravid in Portland! 


Jack Hagerty with his winning poster
VPD Grad Student Jack Hagerty with his winning poster


Stephanie Ribet
VPD Grad Student Stephanie Ribet presenting her research 


Tirzah Abbott and Stephanie Ribet
NUANCE EPIC Facility SEM Lab Manager Tirzah Abbott with VPD Grad Student Stephanie Ribet; both in hand made one-of-a- kind dresses designed and sewn by Tirzah! Amazing!