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Special Topics in SEM and Microanalysis Workshop

It was a pleasure to jointly host a workshop with Hitachi High-Tech and Oxford Instruments on Tuesday July 12. After a warm welcome from NUANCE Director Vinayak Dravid, attendees tuned in to virtual presentations in the morning by Atsushi Muto, Assistant Manager and Applications with Hitachi, and Michael Hjelmstad, Applications Specialist with Oxford Instruments on several topics including: Hitachi SU8030 imaging capabilities, introduction to Energy Dispersive x-ray Spectroscopy (EDS) with Aztec software overview, data collection, and, LayerProbe:determining composition and thickness in 2-D materials using EDS. You can view all the morning presentations on our YouTube channel!

Following the morning presentations, participants were treated to a delicious in an in-person lunch followed by live demo sessions with the Hitachi S3400N-II and Hitachi SU8030 in the afternoon! Thanks to Hitachi High-Tech and Oxford Instruments America for coming out!

Hitachi Bob, Tirzah Abbott, Atsushi Muto
"Hitachi" Bob Passeri and Atsushi Muto from Hitachi High-Tech America with Tirzah Abbott, NUANCE SEM Lab Manager 


Live Demo with Michael H.
Michael Hjelmstad from Oxford Instruments America assisting a student with their sample for the live demo 


Preparing for the Demo session
Getting ready for the live demo!


Demo with Atsushi Muto
Atsushi Muto prepping the sample for demo


Demo with Hitachi Bob
Hitachi Bob assisting with the live demos


Group Picture of SEM Workshop
Group picture of Hitachi and Oxford reps with NUANCE EPIC Team, Elizabeth King, Paul Smeets and Tirzah Abbott