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EBL at NUANCE's NUFAB Facility!

We are very excited to announce that thanks to the NSF's Major Research Instrument Award, the Raith Voyager 100 EBL, a new state-of-the-art high-performance Electron Beam Lithography System, has found a home at NUANCE's Micro/Nano Fabrication (NUFAB) facility!

Advances in research across multiple fields, from optoelectronics to quantum information processing to biosensors, are enabled by the ability to manipulate matter at these length-scales addressed by the EBL nanopatterning and nanolithography. In this context, EBL has become the workhorse for patterning with nanometer-scale precision across a large spatial area. With 50 KV accelerating voltage, the Raith Voyager 100 EBL allows users to pattern <10 nm structures for diverse applications such as nano-medicine, photonics, telecommunication, semiconductors and material science. It is capable of patterning cm2 areas with very high density at nm resolution thanks to its high-speed pattern generator, laser interferometric stage and high stability. Furthermore, it is capable of handling sample sizes from few mm to 100 by 100 mm2.The system is also equipped with “Traxx” mode, which is a Fixed-Beam-Moving-Stage exposure technique for writing long features without stitching.

After several delays due to COVID-19 and supply chain shortages, we are thrilled to finally be able to announce that the Raith Voyager 100 EBL system is available and ready for use by researchers not only at Northwestern, but for the whole Midwest region and beyond!


Serkan and the EBL

Serkan Butun, PhD, Research Associate with NUANCE's NUFAB facility with the Raith Voyager 100 EBL


Serkan and Ying with EBL

Serkan Butun, PhD & Ying Jia, PhD also with NUFAB, prepare a sample 


EBL part

Close-up of universal sample holder and load lock for quick sample exchange


EBL close up 2

Universal sample holder and load lock for quick sample exchange


Serkan reviewing results of sample

Serkan Butun, PhD, reviews the data from the Raith Voyager 100 EBL system


EBL patterning EBL pattern
Sample is ready for high-resolution patterning.
Scale bar is 300 nm
Traxx option for continuous line exposures of
waveguides and X-ray optics. The total length
of the spiral is about 120 mm. Scale bar is 0.5 mm.