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Exciting News for NUFAB

Throughout the month of August, Northwestern’s Nano-Fabrication Facility (NU-FAB) has had some exciting upgrades. Not only do they have a newly installed Atomic Force Microscope, the AFM Bruker Edge is the first AFM inside Cleanroom Core Facility Across Campus available to users, BUT they have also been able to upgrade three acid hoods in the newly expanded wet etching bay!

The addition of the AFM Bruker Edge will go far to support nanofabrication in NUFAB's state of the art  cleanroom, without additional particle contamination issues; which is a total win,win!

The upgraded the acid waste disposal system, in addition to a few new conveniences installed for users, means bigger working area; no more waste bottles; new microscope for quick sample check; and status lights for occupancy. And the best part is that it is all available to use now!

NUFAB upgraded Waste disposal

Acid Area updates: bigger space, microscope for quick sample check, and no more waste bottles! 


NUFAB upgrade

Acid Area upgrades: status indicator lights (top left) Green: available for use    Red: busy


AFM Bruker Edge

Bruker Edge Atomic Force Microscope 


AFM sample

NUFAB PECVD SiO2 thin film


AFM Sample closeup

NUFAB PECVD SiN thin film