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Midwest Microscopy & Microanalysis Society (M3S) hold their Spring Meeting

The Midwest Microscopy and Microanalyis Society held their annual Spring Meeting at Northwestern University on March 28, 2019. Supported by NUANCE, SHyNE, MRSEC and Northwestern University, this yearly event brings professionals, academics and vendors together from all across the country. This year's theme was "Microscopy at the Interface of Materials and Biology", and M3S was honored to have Dr. John Mansfield present a lecture on "The ESEM as invaluable tool in cultural heritage studies". This lecture discussed the role of ESEM in such areas as determining a painting's authenticity versus a forgery and other applications of ESEM in determing the history of objects. 

Additional speakers included Songyun Liu of Rush University, Derk Joester of Northwestern University, Yifei Yuan of UIC, and Farida Korobova and Manish Kumar, both from Northwestern University.

Also attending the meeting were vendors from EDAX, Microscopy Innovations, Renishaw, Olympus, Oxford Instruments, JEOL, Hitachi, DMS, Tescan, ThermoFisher and many others. Check out the photos below and make plans to attend next year's M3S Spring Meeting!


John Mansfield

M3S headline speaker, Dr. John Mansfield.

Jason Mantei
Meeting Organizer and host, Jason R.Mantei, PhD, gives opening remarks.

John Mansfield
Dr. John Mansfield giving his lecture on "The ESEM as invaluable tool on cultural heritage studies."

Attendees at the M3S Spring Meeting.

Attendees visit vendors during the morning break.

Microscopy Innovations vendor table with Mark Nelson.

Derk Joester of Nothwestern presents his talk on Biomineralization.