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Jinsong Wu Hosts Final Coffee Hour of the Quarter

chips and dips await!The NUANCE Center's final Coffee Hour of the season, on May 19, was a great success!

Every month during the academic year, a NUANCE staff member hosts the NUANCE coffee hour, where graduate students, NUANCE staff, and facility users can get to know each other in an informal setting over drinks and delicious snacks. This month, Jinsong told us about his eventful life, stretching from China to various universities in Europe to the U.S., where Jinsong finally landed at Northwestern.

Coffee hour will return in September with Dr. Nasir Basit of NUFAB.

Many thanks to Jinsong Wu, and a wonderful summer to everyone!

Jinsong Wu with Ray Bailey, Outreach Coordinator

Jinsong delvers his talk to an enthusiastic crowd

Jinsong Wu

attendants enjoy the provided snacks and beverages

jinsong talks about his life trajectory

Dr. Wu addresses the crowd