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Reiner Bleher hosts March Coffee Hour

Thank you Dr. Reiner Bleher for hosting this month's Coffee Hour!

The NUANCE Coffee Hour is an informal event for NUANCE users, hosted by a different staff member each month.

This month's host was EPIC's BioCryo facility manager Reiner Bleher, who gave a highly educational presentation about his research in Germany and the U.S. Who knew, for instance, that clams (Reiner's research subject of choice) like to hitch rides inside the gills of fish!

Next month's Coffee Hour will be hosted by NUFAB's John Ciraldo, on April 19.


As always, snacks and beverages were provided.

Ray Bailey announces Reiner Bleher

Reiner presents



Reiner illustrates the development of Glochidia, clam larvae, with the aid of SEM images.