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Eric Roth Hosts February Coffee Hour

NUANCE users gathered this Wednesday to enjoy snacks and beverages as EPIC’s Bio-Cryo Electron Microscopy Specialist Eric Roth presented a world of aquatic beauty. After sharing a set of stunning photographic and microscopic images of coral, fish, and other marine life from his own reef aquarium, Eric showed attendees video footage and light microscopy clips of zooplankton.

The microscopy images were produced on EPIC instruments such as the 3400 and 4800 SEMS and the Leica OLM.

The next coffee hour be held on March 15 and hosted by Reiner Bleher.

Poster listing event title:

Eric Roth displays his work


Eric Roth displays his work

A selection of the images shown:



Close-up image of an amphipod.


microscoping images of anemone