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Post - IIN Symposium Group Tours SHyNE Facilities

EVANSTON, IL — The Soft and Hybrid Nanotechnology Experimental Resource (SHyNE) partnered with the International Institute for Nanotechnology (IIN) to offer tours of the SHyNE facilities and instrumentation. The tours and demonstrations were led by the SHyNE technical staff for INN Symposium participants on Friday, September 29th.

The tour included a walk-though of the IMSERC led by Dr. Andy Ott, NUFAB_Tech, led by Dr. Nasir Basit, a short presentation on the Pritzker Nanofabrication Facility at the University of Chicago, a brief visit to the Tech J-Wing to view NUANCE’s new JEOL Aberration-Corrected Scanning/Transmission Electron Microscope (AC-S/TEM), J.B. Cohen XRD Facility led by Jerry Carsello, NUCAPT led by Dr. Dieter Isheim, NUANCE’s EPIC facility led by Karl Hagglund, NUANCE’s KECK-II facility led by Ben Meyers, and NUANCE’s BioCryo & SPID facilities lead by Dr. Reiner Bleher.

Following the tour, participants had the opportunity to further discuss the SHyNE Resource facilities, instrumentation, access, and training with Ben Meyers, Director of Operations for SHyNE facilities.

SHyNE Resource was started in September of 2015 as part of the National Science Foundation’s National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NCCI) and works to provide a national network of facilities to support external users.

Groups tours NUFAB, led by Dr. Nasir Basit.

Group turs XRD Facility, led by Jerry Carselo.

Group NUCAPT, led by Dr. Dieter Isheim.

Group tours EPIC, led by Karl Hagglund.

Group tours KECK-II Facility, led by Ben Myers.

Group tours BioCryo Facility, led by Dr. Reiner Bleher.