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NUANCE Center Receives Gold Star Award

EVANSTON, IL – This week NUANCE Center received its third Gold Star Award from the Northwestern Office for Research at their 8th Annual Core Facilities Colloquium and Awards Luncheon.

The awards ceremony took place on September 29th and Prof. Vinayak Dravid, Director of NUANCE Center, was a keynote speaker along with Dr. Jennifer Waters from Harvard Medical School’s Nikon Imaging Center.

The Gold Star Award is given to facilities that have been designated Outstanding Core Facility (top 10 percent) four or more times. Each of these facilities received a commemorative plaque, and each full-time employee received $200. This year’s Gold Star awardees included the NUANCE Center as well as IMSERC, a SHyNE Facility.

In addition to the Gold Star awards, the Office for Research also gave out three Outstanding Core Facility Awards to facilities that placed in the top 10 percent this year and three Honorable Mention awards given to facilities that placed in the top 20 percent, including SHyNE Resource’s SQI Peptide Synthesis Core.

In addition to receiving the Gold Star award, NUANCE’s Dr. Gajendra S Shekhawat of SPID lead a seminar during the colloquium and had the opportunity to be speak to participants about activities that drive usage in core facilities.

Prof. Dravid gives keynote speech at Colloquium Luncheon.

NUANCE recieves Gold Star Award.

Dr. Gajendra S Shekhawat of SPID leads seminar during the colloquium.