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The NUANCE Center warmly welcomes Dr. Kai He!

Dr. Kai HeDr. Kai He started his new role as a Research Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and TEM Facility Manager of the NUANCE-EPIC Facility in November 2015. Prior to this, Kai received his PhD (2010) at Arizona State University and then conducted his postdoc research at the University of Maryland (2011-2013) and the Brookhaven National Laboratory (2013-2015).

Kai has been working at the frontier of electron microscopy in several leading microscopy centers, where he developed a specialization in aberration corrected analytical electron microscopy. His expertise includes atomic-resolution imaging, spectroscopy, holography, tomography, and their in-situ implementations in functional nanomaterials for emerging magnetic, electronic, and energy technologies. He has 40 peer-reviewed publications and more than 20 invited presentations at international conferences and colloquia. He was the recipient of multiple academic awards from professional societies, and served as symposium organizer for American Physical Society and Microscopy Society of America’s annual conferences.

We enthusiastically welcome Dr. Kai He, the newest member of the NUANCE team!​