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"Electron Microscopy of Biological Samples", by Dr. Reiner Bleher


Dr. Reiner Bleher,
NUANCE Center BioCryo Manager and Research Professor

Dr. Bleher recently gave a successful talk, "Electron Microscopy of Biological Samples"
at Northeastern Illinois University
as part of their inaugural Capstone Seminar series.

Electron microscopy is a powerful tool in many areas of research such as life and material sciences. The high spatial resolution obtainable with electrons allows ultrastructural insights into samples that cannot be revealed with any other method. In addition to imaging, the signals generated by interaction of electrons with sample atoms can also be used for microanalysis of samples with EDS (Energy Dispersive X-ray spectroscopy). EDS facilitates studying the elemental composition and the distribution of elements in samples. This talk will give a brief introduction to different electron microscopy techniques and examples of studies with contributions of electron microscopy and microanalysis.