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MIT grad student conducts collaborative research using the BioCryo Facility of EPIC


Dr. Irene Yin-Ting Chang, Dr. Reiner Bleher (BioCryo Facility Manager), and Amer Deirieh 

Amer Deirieh, a graduate student from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering - John Germaine research group), visited the BioCryo Facility of EPIC for one week of experiments using the S4800 cryoSEM, the HPM100 high-pressure freezer, and the ACE600 cryo coater. Clay samples subjected to different amounts of stress were high pressure frozen. The pore morphology and connectivity of the samples were subsequently investigated using freeze fracture and cryo ion beam-milling. Dr. Irene Yin-Ting Chang, a postdoc from Derk Joester’s research group, was working with him on the project.