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New Raman System - Available Now!

LabRam Microscope

Dr. Gajendra Shekhawat making adjustments on the new Raman System

We are happy to announce that the SPID facility has installed a new system –
the Horiba LabRam Evolution High Resolution Confocal RAMAN Microscope

* The system, located in Cook Hall (Room 1149), will be available for training starting Monday, January 12. *

If you have any questions, or would like to sign up for training, please contact Dr. Gajendra Shekhawat, SPID Facility Manager at / (847) 491-3204.

The LabRam HR Evolution system offers advanced confocal imaging capabilities in 2D and 3D. The system is equipped with Multi-laser capability from UV to near IR (473 nm, 633 nm, 532 nm and 785 nm), direct laser coupling and automated laser switching. The system is fully automated with motorized stage controls and alignment capabilities. A detailed description of the system can be found here:

Some of the unique features of the system are:

  1. True confocal microscope that can provide high spatial resolution, automated mapping stages and full microscope visualization options.
  2. High performance Raman spectrometer that can provide ultimate spectral resolution performance, multiple gratings with automated switching, wide spectral range analysis for Raman and PL and full system automation.
  3. Ultrafast Raman imaging with SWIFT and DuoScan technologies: The DuoScan imaging technology is a confocal imaging mode, with high precision ultra-fast rastering mirrors creating variable sized laser macro-spots and also allow nano-step mapping from deep UV to NIR. The SWIFT module couples with LabRAM high optical throughput with optimized detector-stage coordination to make ultra-fast confocal Raman mapping a reality.

The system comes with full automation and powerful software control.