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Mantis Elite-Cam now available in EPIC

The NUANCE Center recently acquired a Mantis Elite-Cam, which is available for use in our EPIC facility.

The Mantis Elite-Cam includes a factory-integrated digital camera. The Integrated USB2.0 digital camera allows the user to view subjects either optically or digitally. Included, easy to use PC software makes image capture and documentation tasks a breeze, and allows for several image capture formats such as BMP, JPEG, and PNG.

The Mantis Elite features a "eyepieceless", 3D, stereo viewing experience that greatly reduces user fatigue and increases productivity.

List of Mantis Elite Features:

  • 4x and 10x objective available.

  • True color, LED illumination provides an amazing 10,000 hours of shadow-free viewing.

  • Floating stage allows smooth movement of sample under observation.

  • Features a long working distance and large field of view, increasing hand-eye coordination with delicate tasks.

For more information about the Mantis Elite-Cam, please contact Ben Myers, EPIC SEM Manager at or Eric Miller, Microscopy & Imaging Specialist at