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2014 Outstanding Core Facility Award Announcement

We are delighted to announce that the NUANCE Center has received the 2014 Outstanding Core Facility Award!

2014 Outstanding Core Facility

Dr. Jay Walsh (Vice President of Research), Dr. Qianqian Li (Postdoctoral Fellow), Chad Goeser (NUANCE Financial Administrator), Dr. Xin Wang (Postdoctoral Fellow), Raymond Bailey (NUANCE Administrative Coordinator), Mary Pat Doyle (NUANCE Project Coordinator), Eric Miller (Microscopy & Imaging Specialist), Dr. Gajendra Shekhawat (SPID Facility Manager), Ben Myers (EPIC-SEM Manager), Eric W. Roth (Research Technologist), Dr. Mike Ambrogio (Postdoctoral Fellow), Dr. Xinqi Chen (Keck-II Facility Manager), Dr. Tsunenori Nomaguchi (Visiting Research Scholar), Dr. Phil Hockberger (Executive Director of Research Facilities)

Not Pictured:  Dr. Vinayak Dravid (NUANCE Center Director), Dr. Reiner Bleher (EPIC-BioCryo Manager), Dr. Shuyou Li (EPIC-TEM Manager), Dr. Fengyuan Shi (Postdoctoral Fellow), Dr. Jinsong Wu (EPIC-TEM Manager), 

The NUANCE Center was one of four core facilities selected by the Office for Research for the 2014 Outstanding Core Facility Awards. In addition, two core facilities are recognized for Honorable Mention and another for Most Improved Core.

The following facilities were selected for Outstanding Core Facility Awards:

Center for Advanced Microscopy (CAM - formerly called CIF)
Center for Translational Imaging (CTI)
Integrated Molecular Structure Education and Research Center (IMSERC)
Northwestern University Atomic and Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center (NUANCE)

Winning facilities distinguished themselves in various ways that demonstrated exemplary service and support of research at the University. In particular, selections were based upon administrative services, research and technical staff, resource management, self-assessment, participation in educational and outreach activities, communication of services within and outside of the University, and results of a University-wide customer satisfaction survey.

Each received a $2,000 for use related to the operation of the facility (e.g., professional development, hosting a workshop, seminar program). The awards were announced on the OR core facilities website and in the summer OR Newsletter.

The following facilities were selected for Honorable Mention:

Developmental Therapeutics Core (DTC)
Skin Disease Research Center (SDRC) Core Facilities

The following facility was selected as Most Improved:

Medicinal and Synthetic Chemistry Core (ChemCore)

Congratulations to NUANCE and the other facilities for their achievements!