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ACS Editors' Choice Publication Featuring Images from EPIC

Congrats to researchers B. Lee, P. Guo, S.Q. Li, B. Buchholz, and R.P.H. Chang for getting published with ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Their article was chosen as an ACS Editors' Choice!

The title of their publication is "Three Dimensional Indium-Tin-Oxide Nanorod Array for Charge Collection in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells".

Find it here:

ACS Publication

NUANCE's EPIC facility was used by the researchers to create these SEM images of well-aligned ITO NRs (inset) infiltrated with TiO2 NPs. NR spacing is 2 μm in (a) and (d), 1.2 μm in (b), and 3 μm in (c). Viewing angles of (a), (b), and inset of (c) are all 30°. NR height is 4 μm in (a), 13 μm in (b), and 9 μm in (c).