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New Fischione NanoMill Model 1040, now available for training and use!

With support from MRSEC and NU Office for Research, NUANCE was able to acquire a new Fischione NanoMill Model 1040.

Dr. Li - Nanomill

Dr. Shuyou Li performing a demonstration on the NanoMill.

The Fischione’s NanoMill is a revolutionary instrument for TEM and APT specimen preparation. It uses the patented focused Argon ion beam for the final processing of TEM specimens. This new technique provides the ideal solution for post-FIB and for final thinning of conventionally-prepared specimens. The NanoMill® incorporates a secondary electron detector (SED), which is used to image the position of the area being ion-milled on the specimen. The concentrated Ar ion beam can be operated in either point mode for the milling of a specific area of the specimen, or rastered for the creation of increased electron transparent area. You can now apply in FOM for training.

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