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Electron Tomography Workshop with EPIC & Hitachi

NUANCE's EPIC facility hosted an Electron Tomography workshop on Tuesday and Wednesday (March 12-13). Hitachi's Lynn Blubaugh demonstrated image collection on EPIC's Hitachi-7700 TEM and 3D reconstruction of images using Hitachi's EMIP software. Over 60 images taken around an axis at 2-degree intervals were collected and aligned to reconstruct the sample in 3 dimensions. Electron tomography is used to collect 2D TEM images while the sample is tilted at different angles inside the TEM. These 2D images, taken at various angles, are then positioned relative to one another (alignment) and "stitched" together to reconstruct the 3D volume (using software like IMOD and Hitachi EMIP).

Professor Dravid, director of NUANCE and professor of Materials Science & Engineering at Northwestern, introduces the concepts behind and recent applications of electron tomography.

Jinsong Wu, manager of EPIC's TEM facility, further explores the significance of tomography using TEM techniques.

Lynn Blubaugh, Applications Engineer with the Nanotechnology Systems Division of Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc., demonstrates on EPIC's HT-7700 the techniques behind image acquisition necessary for reconstruction of 3D images.  Northwestern students, staff and faculty followed this workshop with a demonstration on the image alignment and 3d reconstruction using Hitachi's EMIP software.

3D volume of DNA-linked Au nanoparticles superlattice.