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Changes in EPIC

On Thursday, August 16th, the HD2300 STEM currently located in the EPIC Lab in Cook Hall will move to EPIC and QBIC’s shared Cryo-Bio-EM facility, located in Silverman Hall 0B540.

The HD2300 is changing locations to make room for a newly-acquired instrument, the HT-7700 TEM. The HT-7700 is a LaB6 transmission electron microscope (TEM) that can be used for the in-situ analysis of materials and liquids. It operates from 40kV to 120kV, approaching atomic resolution (0.2 nm) at 100 kV and above. It has a STEM unit with about 1 nm resolution and a Bruker EDS system for elemental analysis. There are several key attachments for in-situ observation: a windowless gas flow holder, lithium battery simulator holder and liquid cell holder.

We will notify all users when the HD2300 and the HT-7700 are available for training and use. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this transition.