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Keck-II Links

Surface Science Links

AVS - Science and Technology of Materials, Interfaces, and Processing


Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Tutorial Introduction - J.A. Woollam Co.


Raman Tutorial and FAQs - HORIBA


American Chemical Society

On-line Literature Searching

Web of Knowledge

Northwestern Library--article request

Science Direct


On-line Journals for NU users

 Progress in Surface Science

 Physical Review B


Physical Review Letters

Analytical Chemistry


Applied Physics Letters

Scripta Materialia

 Surface Science


Chemistry of Materials


Journal of the American Chemical Society


 Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical


Journal of Materials Research


Journal of Physical Chemistry B


 Thin Solid Films


Materials Science & Engineering A


Nano Letters

Surface Science Reports


Allied Electronics

Pelco International

Daigger-lab equipment & supplies

Pfeiffer-vacuum parts

Electron Microscopy Sciences

Physical Electronics-SIMS, XPS, AES

MDC Vacuum-vacuum parts

Swagelok-fluid system components

Fischer Scientific-lab equipment & supplies

 Goodfellow-metals and alloys

SPI Supplies




Kurt J Lesker-vacuum parts


Analytical Centers and Research Facilities at NU Campus

NU Research Centers & Facilities


Institute for Nanotechnology


IMSERC (formerly Analytical Service Laboratory)




Surface Science Links


Surface Spectra Library

American Physical Society

Prof. John Vickerman-University of Manchester

American Vacuum Society

Prof. Sven Tougaard-University of Southern Denmark

Barbara J. Garrison Group at PSU

Surface Science Western

EAG Training Tutorials (AES, RBS, SIMS)

Surface Science Links-U of London

Materials Research Society


National ESCA and Surface Analysis Center for Biomedical Problems-University of Washington


Nicholas Winograd Group at PSU (SIMS)


University of Illinois-Urbana Champagne


NU Campus and Chicago Area



NU Norris Center


NU Computer Store


NU Directory


NU IT Service and Help

NU Preferred Vendors