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What does the Zetasizer Nano do?

The Zetasizer Nano range of instruments provides the ability to measure three characteristics of particles or molecules in a liquid medium. These three fundamental parameters are particle size, zeta potential and molecular weight. By using the unique technology within the Zetasizer system, these parameters can be measured over a wide range of concentrations.


Particle Size and Molecular Size

Zeta Potential (particle size diameter)

Molecular Weight

Measurement range:

0.3nm – 10.0 microns (diameter)

3.8nm – 100 microns  

980Da – 20M Da 

Measurement principle:

Dynamic Light Scattering 

Electrophoretic Light Scattering 

Static Light Scattering   Using Debye Plot 

Sample volume range:

12 – 20 µL


12 – 20 µL

Sample concentration:

Up to 40%w/v



Temperature Range:

0 – 120 o C