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The PHI TRIFT III ToF-SIMS is fully controlled by a computer so that one feels very comfortable during operation. The ToF-SIMS can be used for surface analysis of inorganic, organic materials and biological cells, applied to conductors, insulates and semiconductors.

The PHI TRIFT III (Physical Electronics) has attractive capabilities:

  • Identifying the elemental composition and the chemical status near the surface (around 5 angstrom) with high sensitivity (~1ppm) and high mass resolution (~9000).

  • Distinguishing the different isotopes of the same element.

  • Imaging the topography of surface using the secondary electrons.

  • Line-scanning of chemical species.

  • Mapping chemical species on the submicron scale.

  • Ultra-thin depth profiling.

  • Database of the compound spectra.

  • Identifying automatically peaks with the database of fragments.

  • ToF-SIMS User Manual

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