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Bruker LUMOS FTIR Microscope

Bruker LUMOS FTIR Microscope - Features and Benefits

  • Stand-alone FTIR microscope with full automation.

  • Highly comfortable and easy in use

  • Motorized ATR crystal (ATR = Attenuated total reflection)

  • Fully automated measurement in transmission, reflection and ATR mode

  • Large working distance; allowing ample space for sampling

  • Outperforming quality in both IR and VIS range

  • Space saving footprint


The Micro FT-IR can be used in the following areas:

  • Identification of fine particles

  • Analysis of defects and contaminations

  • Surface analysis such as coating and ink on a paper

  • Fiber identification for forensics and textiles

  • Homogeneity of a film

  • In-situ measurement because a heating/cooling stage is possible to sit on the sample platform