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Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) offers the opportunity to probe the crystal structure, defects, local chemistry, electronic structure and related information at a nanometer-or-less length scale. This allows one to view individual atoms to identify grain boundaries and other imperfections in a specimen.

The EPIC facility houses three advanced transmission electron microscopes, along with a complete array of  specimen preparation tools.

TEM Introductory Video available in the NUANCE "Education and Outreach" section.

JEOL ARM200CF Aberration-Corrected TEM ARM200-web

  • Cold FEG – Flash & Go
  • 200 kV acceleration voltage
  • Aberration corrected (probe)
  • 0.08 nm STEM resolution
  • 0.23 nm TEM resolution
  • 0.35 eV energy resolution
  • Dual SDD EDS detector (1.7sr)
  • Simultaneous HAADF/BF/ABF
  • Gatan Quantum Dual EELS
  • Atomic resolution at 60-200kV
  • Gatan OneView CMOS camera


  • Cold FEG – Flash & Go
  • 300 kV acceleration voltage
  • 0.19 nm STEM resolution
  • 0.22 nm TEM resolution
  • Wide gap pole-piece for in situ experiments
  • Simultaneous imaging by HAADF/BF/ABF
  • Diffractive STEM imaging
  • SDD EDS detector
  • Gatan OneView-IS camera for fast imaging at 300 fps (1k x 1k) with automated drift correction
  • Hummingbird gas holder & gas delivery system
  • Compatible with in situ holders: heating, fluidic, biasing, mechanical straining...
  • JEOL ARM300F - GrandARM - Manual


  • Analytical Scanning Transmission Atomic Resolution  (A STAR) Electron Microscope
  • High brightness Schottky FEG emitter operated at 200kV
  • 0.1 nm lattice resolution in HRTEM mode
  • 0.2 nm spatial resolution in STEM and analytical mode
  • HAADF STEM detector, Oxford EDS system and Gatan GIF system for atomic resolution Z-contrast imaging, sub-nanoscale resolution EDS and EELS point analysis, and automated line scans and maps
  • Gatan double-tilt heating stage (up to 1100 degrees)
  • Low-Z(Be) double -tilt holder for analytical x-ray microanalysis
  • Hummingbird tomography holder for 3D tomography
  • Remote operation for research and educational purposes
  • JEOL JEM-2100 FasTEM Manual

Hitachi HT-7700 Biological TEM

Hitachi HT7700 TEM
  • Resolution 0.20nm lattice
  • 40 to 120kV at 100V increments
  • Magnification of 50-1000x, with 200x - 600,000x zoom
  • Image rotation +/- 90˚ in 15˚ steps
  • STEM unit at 1 nm resolution
  • Bruker EDS system for elementary analysis
  • Hitachi HT7700 Manual

Hitachi HD-2300 Dual EDS Cryo STEM

  • High brightness FEG operated at 80, 120 and 200 kV
  • Ultra-sensitive dual-EDS capability, compatible with cryogenic specimen holder and low kV (80,120) operation
  • Gatan Enfina EELS system
  • Secondary electron detector for SE imaging
  • Multiple STEM imaging modalities (BF, ADF, HAADF), down to ~ 0.23 nm
  • Gatan Cryo-TEM holder and transfer system
  • Low-dose operation mode
  • Gatan diffraction CCD for nano-diffraction with a full-space tilting rotation holder
  • High voltage cryo-SEM capability: secondary electron imaging is suitable for checking thick and frozen samples, like cells, tissues up to tens of micron
  • Gatan heating stage, up to 900 degrees
  • Hitachi HD-2300A Manual

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