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Specimen Preparation Facility

The Specimen Preparation Facility includes a complete array of instruments for both SEM and TEM sample preparation.

Complete metallography set-up

  • Wafering/cutting blades

  • spf-disccutter2

    Polishing wheels

  • Automated polishers

  • Wire Saws

  • Etchants

  • Nikon ME600L metallography microscope with digital imaging

Denton III Desk Sputter Coater

The Fischione 1050 TEM Mill (Installed in April 2016)

  • The Model 1050 TEM Mill is a tabletop, precision low angle milling and polishing system used for the final thinning of TEM specimens to electron transparency. With the new TEM Mill, clean, thin and high quality TEM samples can be prepared by Ar-ion milling.fischione-1050
  • The voltage ranges from 0.1 V to 6 kV for different purpose.

  • It has cryo-stage so samples can be milled at about -150C.

  • The milling angle is fully adjustable in the range of 0 degrees to +10 degrees.

  • The specimen can either be rocked or rotated with ion beam sequencing.

  • The specimen is illuminated by both transmitted and reflected light.

  • The chamber is equipped with a shuttre mechanism to prevent the build up of sputtered material on the vacuum viewing window.

Fischione NanoMill® TEM and APT Specimen Preparation System, Model 1040

  • Uses the patented focused Argon ion beam for the final processing of TEM specimens. This new technique provides the ideal solution for post-FIB and for final thinning of conventionally-prepared specimens. The NanoMill® incorporates a secondary electron detector (SED), which is used to image the position of the area being ion-milled on the specimen. The concentrated Ar ion beam can be operated in either point mode for the milling of a specific area of the specimen, or rastered for the creation of increased electron transparent area.

Lesker NANO 38 deposition system

Mantis Elite-Cam 

The Mantis Elite-Cam includes a factory-integrated digital camera. The Integrated USB2.0 digital camera allows the user to view subjects either optically or digitally. Included, easy to use PC software makes image capture and documentation tasks a breeze, and allows for several image capture formats such as BMP, JPEG, and PNG.  The Mantis Elite features a "eyepieceless", 3D, stereo viewing experience that greatly reduces user fatigue and increases productivity.  List of Mantis Elite Features:

  • 4x and 10x objective available.

    Mantis Elite-Cam
  • True color, LED illumination provides an amazing 10,000 hours of shadow-free viewing.

  • Floating stage allows smooth movement of sample under observation.

  • Features a long working distance and large field of view, increasing hand-eye coordination with delicate tasks.

South Bay Technology PC 2000 Plasma Cleaner

  • Plasma cleaners significantly reduce specimen contamination during both SEM and TEM imaging and microanalysis.

Specimen Prep Equipment

  • 2 Dimple Grinders

  • Gatan Dry pumping stations for TEM holders

  • SPI Osmium coater

  • Struers twin-jet Electropolisher

  • Tousimis Samdri 795 Critical Point Dryer   

  • Leica UC7/FC7 Cryo-Ultramicrotome  

Other SPF equipment

  • Abrasive Slurry Disc Cutter

  • spf-ibt2

    2 Gatan PIPS systems: the Model 691 PIPS is a completely self-contained, compact, bench-top precision ion polishingsystem designed to produce high quality TEM specimens creating large, clean, electron transparent areas.

  • Gatan Ultrasonic Disc Cutter

  • 2 Fischione IBT