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Nasir BasitDr. Nasir Basit, Research Associate 

What technical expertise do you offer?

NUFAB is a full-scale micro and nano fabrication facility. We offer expertise in its all aspects from lithography, deposition and etch processes, to material and device characterization.

How do you facilitate research collaboration?

We work with users from various academic departments and research areas in one cleanroom facility. This interaction results in not only user to staff but user to user collaboration.

What inspired your interest to work in this field?

Electronics was the emerging field when I was in high school and personal computers were so new and rare that I had to get admitted to electronics engineering college to just see what they looked like. So many consumer electronics was coming like digital watches, scientific calculators, and then the  ‘walkman’ happened! I could not resist anymore, I just had to find out how those were made which I guess pulled me to this field.

What’s the most interesting project or achievement that you’ve been involved in at NUANCE?

The best achievement that givesme the most satisfaction is working with users and solving their day to day fabrication issues. However, I’ve been more involved in the last decade in building a new cleanroom at Northwestern University which is now a growing reality.

What are the everyday practical applications of your research/work? How does what you’re doing make a difference to non-scientists?

We facilitate the work that results in inventions and produces future inventors. If you use a smart phone, which is probably everybody older than 5 these days, you are benefitting from nanofabrication. If you want your vital body signals continuously detected and sent to your doctor no matter where you are, you will be benefitting from nanofabrication. Lastly, if you want that ‘Tesla’, its key technology from computers to sensors to batteries is all produced in cleanrooms using nanofabrication. As for non-scientists, my hunch is that they use twitter more often than scientists!

What excites you most about the future of nanotechnology?

Its uncertainty and how it has changed the society in just a few decades!

Anything else you’d like to add?

There is nothing more exciting than nanofabrication now and won’t be for at least another 50 years. If you adopt it as your research field, there are so many possibilities that you will never be bored!