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Karl HagglundKarl Hagglund, SEM Microscopist

Karl Hagglund is an SEM Microscopist in NUANCE’s Electron Probe Instrumentation Center (EPIC) facility.

Hagglund hails from Madison, Wisconsin, and earned his bachelor’s degree in anthropology and started his career at the University of Wisconsin – Madison as an archaeological technician for the Wisconsin Historical Society. He moved slightly south to the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee to earn his master’s in anthropology and continued archaeological work in Wisconsin for several years.

Hagglund soon ventured outside of his home state to work on archaeological projects in North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan on behalf of various non-profits and government agencies including the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Throughout the 10-year period that Hagglund worked as an archaeologist, he would periodically be laid off due to a lack of work, typically in the winter. 

Hagglund received federal funding to pursue his degree in electron microscopy at Madison Area Technical College.

His first foray into the Chicago area was as an intern at Abbott Laboratories for two summers. Hagglund also was a chemist for Proctor & Gamble and Honeywell before entering the field of higher education.

Hagglund was a lecturer and SEM lab manager at Northern Kentucky University prior to coming to Northwestern. He taught an annual SEM course for undergraduates, did outreach for school groups and science summer camps, and did research with the biology and anthropology departments. When grant funding ran out, Hagglund went searching for work again and came here to Northwestern.

Outside of electron microscopy, Hagglund enjoys traveling with his family, gardening, and brewing his own beer.